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We have worked closely with council officers to evolve the masterplan following good design and place-making principles and responding to the site context. The vision is to create high quality and sustainable buildings within an integrated masterplan.

The massing of the buildings and their relationship within the overall masterplan is critical and has been carefully considered with the following key principles:

  • A strong desire to create an articulated form, providing visual interest against the skyline and avoiding uniform building blocks.
  • Sensitivity to the topography of the Fenland directly to the east by providing a visual stepping in scale and form from the railway edge to the centre of the development.
  • A mediated transition from the commercial buildings around Cambridge Square to the future residential area beyond.
  • Provision of architectural focal points on key routes to help you navigate through the masterplan.

The historical and cultural history of a place is very important in rooting a contemporary project to its context.

From this marriage of history and contemporary, which inform the high-quality design of Cambridge North, comes four building blocks:

  • One Milton Avenue
  • 1-3 Swale Street
  • 2-4 Milton Avenue
  • Mobility Hub

These four buildings are guided by the design guidelines shown which have been developed specifically for this site in Cambridge. These guidelines affect ground floor activation, exterior facade, daylighting strategy and interior design to ensure a high quality architecture.

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