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A sustainable, clean and green development

Our environmentally friendly proposals will tackle the key environmental challenges through low carbon design, renewable energy, sustainable transport, and enhanced biodiversity.

We have set ambitious but achievable targets. Our commitment is to champion environmental sustainability and align with international, national, and local sustainability targets; these include the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the Greater Cambridge Local Plan and the Greater Cambridge Sustainable Design and Construction SPD.

Our Commitments are:

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Low carbon
New buildings that have lower carbon emissions than buildings built to current UK standards.

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Building materials
Promoting responsibly sourced materials that are reused, recycled, and / or locally sourced.

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Heat pumps
Air source heat pumps to supply heating and hot water.

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Solar PV Panels
Solar PV panels on the roof of the buildings to help generate energy for the site.

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Rainwater recycling
The collection, storage, and reuse of rainwater to minimise water demand on the mains water supply.

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Bicycle parking
1500+ secure bicycle parking for visitors and workers, supported by appropriate facilities, to encourage active lifestyles.

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Green active travel
Cambridge North is located next to the Chisholm Trail and planned Waterbeach Greenway and St Ives Greenway, as well as the railway station and Guided Busway.


Targeting BREEAM Outstanding on non-residential buildings.

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Nature rich planting
New soft biodiverse planting and new habitats for insects, birds, and other wildlife.

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Improved habitats
Habitats and landscapes will be improved, enhancing net biodiversity by at least 10%.

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Green roofs
Extensive green roofs on the buildings.

Tree planting icon

Tree planting
We are planting 93 new trees.

Low parking development icon

Low parking development
Low levels of parking for the office and lab buildings, to promote sustainable transport.

Health Wellbeing icon

Health & Wellbeing
Targeting a minimum WELL Gold Certification on all buildings.

Procurement icon

A commitment to local employment, labour, and training – including investment in apprenticeship opportunities.

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Water use
Reducing water consumption through careful specification of water fittings.

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